10 Red Flags that Signal Lymphoma in Dogs

For people who keep pets, pets are considered not as just domesticated animals but as family members. If you have a dog, surely your dog is not merely an animal either. You probably consider your dog as a family member and as your best friend. It is a fact that we naturally care for family members with all our hearts. We are willing to give our all to keep our family healthy, safe and sound, aren’t we? Just imagine if one of your parents discovered that he or she has cancer, found at a late stage. It would be so devastating for everyone in the family to know! Every member would wish it was discovered sooner because the earlier it’s discovered the better chances for successful results from the treatment.

It is the same with your canine family members. There are many factors that contribute to the development of cancer in canines, hence there is no single cause that you can eradicate to prevent your pet from ever suffering from cancer.  It could be caused by hereditary factors, but there are also environmental factors that could cause it. Since we can’t safeguard our dogs from getting lymphosarcoma the next best thing to do is to detect the symptoms early so that your dog’s veterinarian can diagnose and treat it sooner. Just like in everyone else, the earlier cancer is treated, the higher chances of survival.

So what are the symptoms in your pet that should alarm you and make you suspect that it could be cancer? We compiled a list for you.

  1. Lumps – Just like in humans, lumps are always suspicious. When your dog has a lump somewhere, it does not necessarily mean cancer. It could just be a harmless lump. Just the same, our dog’s veterinarian should check it out to be sure. Lumps, after all, are the best indicator of cancer. Hence, it’s the first red flag to watch out for.
  2. Persistent sores – If your canine friend has sores that do not seem to heal, you should be suspicious. It could be nothing but chances are it is already a symptom of cancer. And even if it happens to be just ‘nothing’, you won’t want your pet to suffer from the discomfort of sores, would you? It’s better to have it checked out by a professional.
  3. Swelling – Be alarmed when your pet exhibits any kind of swelling. If there is swelling in your dog’s body parts that you can’t explain, it’s safer to get it checked. It could be a sign of cancer.
  4. Abnormal Discharges – Especially if your dog already has the symptoms mentioned above, abnormal discharges are something to be alarmed about. It’s basically a tell-tale sign, for your dog to have a lump plus strange discharges. You really must consider getting it checked in the soonest possible time.
  5. Rapid Weight Loss – If your pet also loses weight drastically for no apparent reason, it could be a sign of cancer. Even in humans, most cancer patients go through unexplainable weight loss. Your beloved pet might be suffering the same thing.
  6. Sudden Loss of Appetite – Although it might not be a sign of cancer by itself, it usually shows that something is wrong. Even if it turns out to be something else, having no appetite usually shows that there’s something seriously wrong. If your dog suddenly refuses to eat its favorite food, it would make you anxious, right?
  7. Difficulty in Breathing – Another symptom that should alert you is when your dog seems to have difficulty breathing. Yes, like some of the other symptoms mentioned, it could be something else but it is usually a sign of something serious.
  8. Lethargy – When your normally playful pet suddenly stops moving and keeps sleeping, it will make you wonder whether there is something wrong. It’s better to follow your instinct and get it checked out.
  9. Tarry, Black Stools – This kind of stool could be a sign of ulcers in your dog’s digestive tract, another sign of some specific cancers. Your dog will probably need lab tests to determine this for certain. It’s always better to get your pet examined, just to be sure.
  10. Difficulty in Defecating and Urinating – When your dog has trouble in excretion, you should definitely be worried. It’s obviously a sign that something is wrong.

If your dog has one of these red-flag signs, you should suspect that there is something wrong. If your dog exhibits several of these signs all at the same time, then you should suspect cancer. Have your dog checked by the vet right away, so that if it’s indeed cancer, your dog can start treatment right away.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Pet

vet-nurseIf you are the owner of a pet, or if you plan to take a pet home, it’s very important to know a few important things. Your pet is more than a simple animal – you can have anything like a cat, a dog or any other kind of animal – but he or she gets to be part of the family.

For those who are already familiar with pets, they know that any pet has his own personality and sometimes you will see them manifest in unusual ways, like when they ask you to take them out for a walk – like dogs do, or when they ask you for a treat – which is specific for both cats and dogs.

sharpei puppy dog with a stethoscope

However, no matter how cute they are, you must surround them with more than love, as love is not enough to keep them healthy and happy.

The Vet

Yes, the vet is a very important person in their life, at least for your sake. A visit to the vet is not always a pleasant event, but that is the only way to make sure they are safe and healthy. The vet will always examine the animal to make sure dental-bannerthere are no hidden wounds and that it is in a good overall condition. You will know if the animal is too fat or too thin, if he has different problems – like those developed by large dogs (some breeds have problems with their hindquarters) or if they need parasite protection and prevention. Apart from this, the vet will make sure that the pet you have receives the needed shots against the known possible diseases that they are prone to. This is important because this will protect both you dog_cat_scratching_ear21and your pet in case of a possible infestation.

Walks and Exercises

The dogs do need plenty of exercises, even those who are sedentary by nature. The cats, however, they don’t need to be taken out to walks, but if you live in a house Good Dog Health Information, pets, pet, dogs,with a yard, it’s important to let them out at least from time to time to enjoy the fresh air and see what “outside” means. For dogs, regular exercises every day are very important, and you need to make time in your schedule – at least 1 hour – to play with the dog or walk him. Also, they need to be taken out at least 3 times per day. If you live in a house and the dog gets to stay inside, it’s better to install a doggy-door to give him easy access outside.


Grooming is important for every animal, especially for those pets that have a big fluffy fur. Dogs and cats need regular grooming, and you need to teach them with this process since they are small pups or kittens. Grooming will prevent their fur from becoming tangled, but it will also keep it aired. Their skin is oily and it’s good to spread that natural oil all over the fur to make it look healthier. For cats, it’s also important because it prevents them from swallowing big quantities of fur-balls, which are not healthy at all for them.


red1This is another important aspect for your pet. No matter how cute it is when eating, you can’t give them more than they need. If you serve them more food than necessary, you risk on transforming them into obese animals, which can lead to severe health problems. A small animal – like a puppy or a small kitten, or any other cub needs 3 meals per day, with special Screen-Shot-2012-11-30-at-3.32.13-PMfood adequate for their age. An adult animal needs one meal per day, at approximately the same hour. Don’t give them home made foods, as some can be allergic to the ingredients that people like. Apart from this, don’t give them chocolate or any other sweet that you like – it’s not good for them as it can damage their stomach and liver.

Loving your animal is not bad, but you do need to take properly care of it. There are plenty of pet care tips that can teach you how to do this and it’s recommended to pay a lot of attention, before it’s too late.