How to Properly Take Care of Your Pet

vet-nurseIf you are the owner of a pet, or if you plan to take a pet home, it’s very important to know a few important things. Your pet is more than a simple animal – you can have anything like a cat, a dog or any other kind of animal – but he or she gets to be part of the family.

For those who are already familiar with pets, they know that any pet has his own personality and sometimes you will see them manifest in unusual ways, like when they ask you to take them out for a walk – like dogs do, or when they ask you for a treat – which is specific for both cats and dogs.

sharpei puppy dog with a stethoscope

However, no matter how cute they are, you must surround them with more than love, as love is not enough to keep them healthy and happy.

The Vet

Yes, the vet is a very important person in their life, at least for your sake. A visit to the vet is not always a pleasant event, but that is the only way to make sure they are safe and healthy. The vet will always examine the animal to make sure dental-bannerthere are no hidden wounds and that it is in a good overall condition. You will know if the animal is too fat or too thin, if he has different problems – like those developed by large dogs (some breeds have problems with their hindquarters) or if they need parasite protection and prevention. Apart from this, the vet will make sure that the pet you have receives the needed shots against the known possible diseases that they are prone to. This is important because this will protect both you dog_cat_scratching_ear21and your pet in case of a possible infestation.

Walks and Exercises

The dogs do need plenty of exercises, even those who are sedentary by nature. The cats, however, they don’t need to be taken out to walks, but if you live in a house Good Dog Health Information, pets, pet, dogs,with a yard, it’s important to let them out at least from time to time to enjoy the fresh air and see what “outside” means. For dogs, regular exercises every day are very important, and you need to make time in your schedule – at least 1 hour – to play with the dog or walk him. Also, they need to be taken out at least 3 times per day. If you live in a house and the dog gets to stay inside, it’s better to install a doggy-door to give him easy access outside.


Grooming is important for every animal, especially for those pets that have a big fluffy fur. Dogs and cats need regular grooming, and you need to teach them with this process since they are small pups or kittens. Grooming will prevent their fur from becoming tangled, but it will also keep it aired. Their skin is oily and it’s good to spread that natural oil all over the fur to make it look healthier. For cats, it’s also important because it prevents them from swallowing big quantities of fur-balls, which are not healthy at all for them.


red1This is another important aspect for your pet. No matter how cute it is when eating, you can’t give them more than they need. If you serve them more food than necessary, you risk on transforming them into obese animals, which can lead to severe health problems. A small animal – like a puppy or a small kitten, or any other cub needs 3 meals per day, with special Screen-Shot-2012-11-30-at-3.32.13-PMfood adequate for their age. An adult animal needs one meal per day, at approximately the same hour. Don’t give them home made foods, as some can be allergic to the ingredients that people like. Apart from this, don’t give them chocolate or any other sweet that you like – it’s not good for them as it can damage their stomach and liver.

Loving your animal is not bad, but you do need to take properly care of it. There are plenty of pet care tips that can teach you how to do this and it’s recommended to pay a lot of attention, before it’s too late.